Chillydawgs UGA B Team

*Everything on this page is pertaining to the UGA B Team (the Chillydawgs); the tournament schedule, practice times, players, and other information relate only to them.

We are the UGA Men’s Ultimate Frisbee B Team.  Every year, we compete against other colleges to be the best B team in the Nation. In 2011, we finished 3rd in the first ever B Team Nationals, cementing our place as one of the top B team programs.

We are a bunch of friends who love competitive ultimate.  During the Spring season, you can find us touring the SE, competing in 5-6 intercollegiate tournaments.  Every tournament we attend, we battle for our place among the top 10 B teams in the United States.

We typically have two mandatory field practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with an additional mandatory track workout on either Mondays or Wednesdays. Playing on the Chillydawgs is a serious commitment, but is well worth it.

We are a family – and we always play with heart.

We are the Chillydawgs.