Friends & Family

Thanks to all of our incredible fans, family, and friends who support us throughout the year by cheering us on at tournaments, providing housing and meals, and helping fund the many costs of our lengthy season.

James and Juanita Brown, Mark and Deborah Little, The Dyches, Richard Massa, Jo Nelson, Bonnie Lavine, Paul and Julia Leonard, Bette Chambless, Mary Rogers, Marian Cooper, The Stones, The Kennedy’s, Juliet Rumble, Loy Summers, John Meek, The Lavines, Elizabeth Capers, Pauline Peters, James and Dotty Pack, Sara Summers, Thomas and Stella Lamp’l, Edward Erickson, Paul and May Li, Donald Boyle Jr., Janis Lavine, Linda and Timothy Cain, The Sorrells, Scott Ready, George Summers, Steve Lerner, The Ogdens, Charles and Lorraine Kelley, The Behms, Robinshore Inc., Samuel Holloway, Karen Kanitz, Michael Evans, The Adams’s, James Langstaff and Katherine McLeod, Sarah Satola,       Mridul Paul, Paul and Kristine Pappafotis, VJ Bray, Elizabeth Magee, The Hess’s, The Berecz’s, The Raines’s and Doug Raines for filming every game, The Dickersons.