Underdawgs UGA C Team

The University of Georgia Underdawgs, as the newest team in the Jojah program, has historically acted as a home for ineligible players, alumni, and (primarily) new “red shirted” students to work on their ultimate skills and gain the tournament experience necessary to feed into the program’s A and B teams in following years. Many of the great players in the Jojah and Chillydawg rosters owe their early ultimate years to the Underdawgs. Traditionally, the team has no firmly set roster and requires no tryout process, providing an avenue of competitive play and practice for players who might otherwise fall out of the ultimate world.

However, 2014 marks a significant change in tone for the Underdawgs, both on and off the field. In light of Jojah’s 2013 return to the USA Ultimate National Championship tournament, the Underdawgs have rededicated themselves to feeding high quality players into the ever-growing ranks of UGA’s ultimate elite. This year’s team is bigger, more skilled, and more committed than ever before– and they’re going to even more tournaments to prove it. With a firm roster for the first time, the Underdawgs are a new and fearsome team in their own right, having already (as of January) broken their full season tournament win record for the past four years.

Given their drive and renewed purpose, Georgia’s C team is optimistic that their section of the Georgia family will continue to thrive, to the benefit of their friends and teammates within Jojah and the Chillydawgs. They wish to make their individual presence known and felt throughout the southeast, all the while making tryouts more competitive and increasing the overall level of play within their program.

Their goal is to push Jojah Ultimate up from below; to raise the standard to which all of Georgia’s players hold themselves; to lay the foundation for victories to come. They are the Underdawgs, and they’re on top of it.